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Nehow was created to ensure you enjoy your China travel experience in the best way possible. At Nehow we guarantee that our hotel rates are the lowest and we take immense pride in our website which allows you to find the right hotel for your stay in China.

We understand China better than anyone in the industry and we also understand your needs when traveling. If a hotel doesn't speak your language or isn't familiar with your culture, they may not provide you with the best experience. Nehow uses information from over 385,000 validated hotel guests to rank hotels based on how well they can meet your needs.

In addition, Nehow supports many of the Chinese embassies around the world. This, combined with our hotel ranking system, in-depth guidebooks, phrasebooks and extensive local knowledge, has helped Nehow grow into the world’s most recommended China travel website.

Nehow's Panda Fund

Nehow has a unique connection to the panda, as together with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) we help protect the world's panda population. We also support the Atlanta Zoo, Edinburgh Zoo, San Diego Zoo, Smithsonian National Zoo, and the Toronto Zoo which allow people to learn more about this amazing animal.

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At Nehow you’re in good hands, as there are over 2,000 people on the International team supporting the countries in which we operate. In addition there is 300+ people based in China to support your local needs, as with Nehow you have one of the largest travel groups looking after you. The executive team at Nehow has been in the China travel business since 2007 and has also been a part of several major travel companies around the world including:

Nehow Acquisitions

We are actively looking for China travel sites that would like to join the Nehow family of sites. We can either buy-out your website or we can work together to help both sites grow. The choice is yours. Please note that at this point in time we only partner with websites focused on China travel, however we are open to looking at sites of any size. Please email us with your contact information and website details.
Thank you for submitting your request. Our team will review your information and get back to you in 3 to 5 business days. If we have additional questions, we'll follow up via email.
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