Lijiang Waterfall Hotel Guilin
(4.5/5 by China National Tourism Administration)

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  • "Very convenient Location and services"May 22, 2019
  • "Great First Impression, But...."May 20, 2019
  • "The Queen of Hotels in Guilin"May 18, 2019

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Location of Lijiang Waterfall Hotel Guilin

  • The Shan Lake North Road
      • Guilin Liangjiang Airport
      • Guilin Railway Station
      • Guilin North Railway Station
      • Seven Star Park (Qixing Gongyuan)
      • Reed Flute Cave (Ludi Yan)
      • Elephant Trunk Hill (Xiangbishan)

Lijiang Waterfall Hotel Guilin

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  • Very convenient Location and services
    Macau, China | May 22, 2019 | Trip type: Family

    First The Room: Lots of space in the room, good amenities, no tobacco smell ( non-smoking room) and bed quality was very good for two night sleep.
    The ambiance: Very huge hotel with a lot of facilities and at 20:30 every-night they have a show, or a kind of show, with waterfall during 15 to 20 minutes from the top of the hotel.
    Breakfast: Depend of the days or the groups. During our stay in the first night everything went fine on the breakfast. In the second day because there were two big groups we didn't have all the softness of a quiet breakfast.
    The coffee machine broke several times, and no alternatives to have coffee available. the tables were all occupied and the waiting was quiet desperate... and the cleanness in this situations is not good and no tissues on the tables. ...
    Also the elevators control are very busy during peak time operations.

    Location: Very well situated. At the left of main door have a walking street where you can shop goods and souvenirs. In front, after cross the road, you have acess to the lake and to boat tours in the lakes.
    In the back that are a big central square where you can shop and walking around, for this they deserve 4 stars, but the breakfast was a mess and my opinion they go to average

  • Great First Impression, But....
    Columbus, Ohio | May 20, 2019

    The hotel is grand and offers a wonderful first impression as you walk in and also enter the second level. The rooms are worn, the staff doesn’t understand english very well, the bathroom is not well appointed and had quite a bit of mold in the shower.

  • The Queen of Hotels in Guilin
    Tim Y
    Reno, Nevada | May 18, 2019 | Trip type: Couples

    One of the best things about travel to China is that one can generally get a three star price for a four star hotel, especially in the off-season. Such was the case for our trip to Guilin, and our stay at the Lijiang Waterfall Hotel. The hotel offers a complimentary shuttle to or from the airport, which will be arranged through the hotel tourist desk via third party. We opted for the shuttle to the hotel from the airport, because it is easy to arrange for a ride back to the airport once you are in Guilin.
    This hotel has a great location, directly across from the lake, and less than a five minute walk to the river. One side of the hotel faces the lake, and this is by far the better side. The "waterfall" in the hotel name describes a somewhat cheesy feature of this hotel, which is a nightly event. On that side of the hotel, a sheet of water will fall for some period of time. The locals seem to get a kick out of this, as you will see them recoding this epic event with their phones. For me, this is as exciting as a broken water main. After our first night, we found something else to do. Fortunately, we had booked a lakeside room, which was much better, as we had a view of the lake and the river.
    One unfortunate trend for Chinese cities in recent years is the garish illumination of rivers and lakes with multicolored LED lighting displays. Guilin is no exception to this, and the lake has this sort of light show every night.
    As to the hotel itself, she is a grand queen; rather more like a business hotel than a resort.
    The room was quite large with generous storage, a refrigerator, and a tea/coffee area. They also offer a spa on the ground floor, but the operator appears to be independent.
    The hotel had two operating restaurants when we were there; a Chinese restaurant, and the other offered western choices. While convenient, my Chinese wife found the former to be so-so, while my hamburger from the western restaurant was satisfactory.
    My wife later found much better food in the pedestrian mall which starts at the side of the hotel.
    The room was pretty large, very clean, with comfortable mattresses. I don't recall any western channels on the television, however. The wifi was reasonably good, but did disconnect on occasion. In China, you need a VPN to connect to many western sites, which may explain some of my disconnects, since China is trying to block VPN's.
    The western restaurant also serves as the breakfast parlor. There are many choices, but more tend to be Chinese. I was able to put together an adequate western breakfast, so I never left the area hungry.
    Next to the hotel is a convenience store where you can purchase large bottles of drinking water.
    The only reason to travel to Guilin outside of business is the proximity to the Li River, with ranges of those spiky mountains peculiar to China. The hotel has a tourist desk in the lobby which can arrange a tour for you. The charge is higher, however, than what you may be able to arrange on your own. The problem is that the embarkation point for the main river boats is about 20 minutes away by car, so you need a ride to get there. The tourist desk can arrange this, of course. My Singaporean wife was able to book a trip independently at a lower cost, but she speaks Mandarin and has a Tao Bao account. If you do not have this access, then booking through the tourist desk is the best way to go, because the Li River is really marvelous, and qualifies as being a "must see".
    Within a 10 minute walk of the hotel is a major avenue with lots of shopping as well as a few western fast food restaurants. As indicated earlier, the pedestrian mall by the hotel has a number of restaurants as well as an assortment of vendors.
    While I am able to get by in Shanghai and Beijing with only English, this is more of a challenge in a tertiary city such as Guilin. This hotel, however, served wonderfully as our headquarters in Guilin, as all of the staff had some command of English, and the hotel is operated very efficiently.

  • Great hotel in a wonderful location
    Newport Beach, California | May 16, 2019 | Trip type: Couples

    This is a great hotel in a wonderful location in Guilin. The room was spacious with a nice bathroom, good breakfast, WiFi worked well and the staff was very friendly and helpful. It is located right next to the pedestrian mall with many restaurants which was great.

  • Top Class Accommodation
    Perry W
    Queensland, Australia | May 5, 2019 | Trip type: Couples

    We stayed at the Lijiang Waterfall Hotel as part of our Wendy Wu tour, overall for 2 nights although they were 2 nights apart. As part of a tour group our check-in & check-out was easy and organised by our wonderful tour guides. The rooms were beautifully clean and a large size, on our second night, we had a room which faced the 'Waterfall' side and had the waterfall running down the exterior for 15 minutes. This is part of the show they have each night, quite extravagant and always draws the tourists and locals alike.
    The beds, again, were a little harder than we prefer, but still acceptable. I think hard mattresses in China is normal, except in the south where they are a little softer. The bathroom area was very good size and although the shower head could have produced a little more water, everything else was fine.
    Our breakfast consisted of the typical Chinese buffet with a few Western dishes but mainly Asian type offerings. Again, not as hot as we like but you do become accustomed to this.
    The hotel is quite close, only a 3 minute walk to a buzzing, vibrant restaurant & bar district, filled with colourful lights and music, plenty of shopping to be had along with the aforementioned bars and eating places.
    Great place to stay and would highly recommend.

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