Tai Chi Class at the Temple of Heaven

Location: Beijing, China

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  • Visit the Temple of Heaven with your guide
  • Learn Chinese Kungfu-Tai Chi with an English-speaking Tai Chi master
  • Taste authentic Chinese tea at a traditional Chinese tea ceremony
  • Visit the Forbidden city and Tiananmen Square


  • 7 Hours

  • your hotel in Beijing city center

  • English

  • Booking is instantly confirmed

What You Can Expect

  • 1

    Temple of Heaven

    Meet your guide and transfer to the Temple of Heaven, a notable icon of the capital. The temple was used several times annually when the emperor, bearing the sins of the Chinese people humbled himself before heaven and performed rituals calculated to insure good harvests. From an aerial view, the temple’s architectural style mimics the Chinese concepts of heaven and earth – the round edifice symbolizing heaven, resting upon the square base meant to symbolize earth. The dominant feature of the entire complex is the enormous Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, an ornate and colorful structure mounted on a three-tiered marble altar. Amazingly, the wooden pillars ingeniously support the ceiling without a single nail, symbolizing the harmony between man and nature. In the Temple of Heaven the Tai Chi master will explain the principles of Tai Chi and guide you through the basic movements before giving a demonstration of this graceful martial art.

  • 2

    Silk Factory

    Before lunch you will visit the local silk factory to see how the silk products are made.

  • 3


    Lunch will be at a local restaurant

  • 4

    Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City

    Accompanied by your guide you will visit Tian’an men square and the Imperial Palace –Forbidden City. Commissioned by Emperor Yongle of the Ming dynasty, the Forbidden City was completed in 1420 and was home to 24 emperors until the last Qing emperor, Puyi, left in 1924. The entire imperial complex is reputed to have 9999 rooms, which at its peak, housed up to 10,000 people, including the imperial family, 3,000 eunuchs, as well as maids and concubines, all contained within 170 acres. Today, the gates of the Forbidden City lead to a fascinating display of Chinese history in what is probably the best-preserved site of Classical Chinese architecture.


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    • Tai Chi class in the Temple of Heaven
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