• Explore Hangzhou, considered one of the 7 Ancient Capitals of China
  • Cruise on the famous West Lake and enjoy yourself in the picturesque Hangzhou
  • Visit Feilai-Feng Grotto and admire the architecture and history of Ling Yin Temple
  • Walk along Su Causeway and feed the fish in the Red Fish Pond at Flower Harbor
  • Learn about the rich history of Hangzhou
  • Cruise across the serene West Lake
  • Visit Guo's Garden Villa
  • Visit the beautiful West Lake, surrounding on three sides by picturesque mountains, on this day tour from Hangzhou
  • See the impressive and historic Lingyin Temple, and the stone carvings at Feilai Peak
  • Explore the Meijiawu green tea plantation, and enjoy a fresh warm cup of tea as you learn about its history and production
  • Enjoy spectacular views from the Six Harmonies Pagoda, a true masterpiece of Chinese architecture
  • Visit tranquil West Lake, surrounded by mountains and one of the most famous of Hangzhou's attractions
  • Glimpse an important part of Chinese culture at a tea plantation and taste the world famous Dragon Well Tea
  • See Yue Fei Temple, comemmorating General Yu Fei, a Southern Song Dynasty national hero

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